First blog post

Where do I begin?


An Asparagus, Parma Ham and Asparagus Carbonara

Food.It has always been a first love, since I was a small child. As I have aged this has turned into something more than just a interest, it has become a passion. A personal favourite of mine curries, especially Thai green curries.However, there is nothing better than some freshly made Guac with nachos, followed by a spicy bean burrito.There is nothing better than sipping a G&T on a Friday night, and have a bowl of spicy goodness to eat, while the week closes before the new one begins.fullsizeoutput_350






I want to explore the best healthy recipes to the most picturesque cafes, to the food that is healthy yet delicious.But that’s not to say I won’t be sharing the best homemade sweet treats that just don’t quite compare to a bowl of quinoa and seasoned veggies!Β In terms of lifestyle, it is also a passion of mine, which is an equal rival to my love of food.From fashion finds to the gym routine that is keeping me calm and relaxed from our busy and stressful daily lives.


A gorgeous Lemon Creme BrΓ»lee

Fitness is another aspect, that I think is crucial to keeping our health and sanity in theΒ 21st century. By no means, I am no fitness fanatic or personal trainer but when I go a just couple of times a week, it provides me with much more that just some sweaty gym gear and aching muscles the next day! It empowers me to be more confident and calm, and able to conquer and tackle whatever the next day may throw at me.Providing my days with extra laughter and gives me the mindset that means I will try take more risks and know that I am able to do anything I put my mind to.

So in this journey into food and lifestyle, I hope my passionate ramblings provide a little something.




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