My current workout routine – For legs

About 6 months ago, my friend and I made a pact that we were consistently keep going to the gym twice a week, focusing mainly on abs and legs.As we began to enjoy it more and more, it was becoming clear it was more than just our bodies that we were seeing a change in.Our minds began to breathe and de-stress, after busy days.So much so, we now go 4 times a week.

Here is our leg day workout;


  • 20 minute run on the treadmill -get on a good speed that you feel you can pace yourselves with for the whole duration of the run.
  • 5 minute stretch

Main Workout 

With most of these I will use a 3kg-3.5kg handheld weights

  •  50 x dumbbell side outer lunges (alternating)
  • 30 x dumbbell standing outer thigh lifts
  • 50x lying outer thigh lifts
  • 50 x walking lunges (I tend to use 4kg kettlebell, and pass it underneath my leg as I lunge to add some resistance )
  • 50 x squats with resistance band ( I will normally choose heavy, to really feel a burn the next day!)
  • 20 x 5 sets – using a rowing machine, place your back leg on the seat and lunge backwards, keeping your balance. Repeat this on the other side of your legs, so you are doing a squat down instead of a lunge.Then repeat this again lying on the floor, so do a half bridge with both feet on the seat of the ergo, and push away and pull back.
  • 2 minute wall sit
  • 50 x donkey kicks with resistance band (each side)
  • 50 x donkey kick leg raises with resistance band (each side)
  • 20 x pulses with resistance band
  • 20 x pelvic tilts with butterflies, with resistance band
  • 30 x single leg half bridge circles (each side)
  • 100 swim kicks (Tip– go as quick as you can with these, as they are v painful!)

Warm Down 

5 minutes of bike (if there is time, so we sometimes miss this out)

stretch off


Resistance bands –

*Disclaimer – I am not a trained healthcare professional or personal trainer, I am just sharing my own personal journey with fitness.