My current work routine – for arms and obliques

As a continuation from my last post here is my current arm workout routine;


  • 10 minute sprint on treadmill, to increase my own cardio ability or
  • 10 minute ergo rowing session or
  • 5 x 1 minute fast rowing  with 30 seconds rest in between


  • 40 x dumbell bicep curls (alternating each time)
  • 10 x push ups
  • 10 x diamond push ups
  • 20 x tricep dips
  • 20 x pilates Grasshoppers (side note: make sure you squeeze  your gluten when you bring your legs up, to really feel the burn)
  • 100 x butterfly twists
  • 100 x criss crosses
  • 1 minute plank
  • 1 minute up and down plank
  • 1 minute hip touch planks
  • 20 x overhead tricep dips

 Warm Down 

10 minute cycle, up and down with increased resistance to make peddling harder

We do tend to change it up, but I am currently working on my stamina for running, as it is something I just love doing and am passionate about.Whether that is on the hills on a misty morning or running on the treadmill at my local gym.It is also a great time, to catch up on any missed podcasts, I have a few firm favourites, that I regularly go to which will last me for the duration of my run.That will be up in a blog post soon!

See you in my next blog post!