April Podcast Favourites

In the month of April, there have been so many Podcasts out and about, with amazing guest hosts that I have 100% been using when at the gym on the treadmill, having a clear out or just generally wanting to listen to something but not have to physically watch it.

1.)Talking Tastebuds-Venetia Falconer 


I absolutely love this podcast, partially because host Venetia is such an engaging speaker but also as the guests for season 2 have been particularly fab.My personal favourites have been the Hemsley sisters, Zanna Van Diik, Carly Rowena.As each guest is individual,  not at any point does it feel formulaic or repetitive.The first episode I watched was Delicously Ella’s episode (a personal inspiration) and it was so interesting to have a more informal interview, without the normal facade you receive with normal media interviews.

2.)At Home with Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner


I recently stumbled across these lovely ladies podcast while perusing Anna Gardner blog.Instantly, after watching the first episode, I was hooked.With the main line of guests being CEO’s, Founders and  Editors, what really stuck with me was that these were strong, successful and independent women.Whether they started at Liz Earle beauty or were the current residing editor at Glamour Magazine, each of the episodes shows how these women started off in the industry and how that journey led them to be where they are today.With rumours of a second series being finalised, I look forward to seeing what other strong business women they will interview in season 2.

Let me know your favourite podcasts, I am dying to find new and interesting ones.And follow me on Instagram and on here for weekly blog posts!

Love, M x