I’m Still Standing …

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since my last post about moving on.I was never intending on posting something so personal, but the paragraphs just began to write themselves and the words just kept coming.

They also say there is something quite cathartic about writing your emotions down or pouring them into something.And I couldn’t agree more.

Love is a funny thing, something we all experience and sadly heartbreak comes with that.But 3 weeks on, I am still standing .After following my own advice and moving on, I have never felt better and life feels like it is on the up.Suddenly after the initial heartache healed, motivation and productivity levels are at a all time high.This whole process just renewed something in me, the fire for life and the fire for more.

So from someone on the other side, you will get through it.My top tip, taking time out for yourself is so important and is crucial for your heart to heal in it’s own time.Go out with friends, have the odd cocktail, just live life to the full.And you never know, a new love might just be around the corner for you…

Thank you so much for reading

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