-My Current Skincare Routine-


Skin Care – I think is the key to good makeup and basis to most things.Through face-mapping you can tell what works for you and what areas of your lifestyle be that diet or hormones that need attention.I am not a skin care expert but I wanted to share how I went from having bad Cystic Acne to good clear skin.Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a work in progress but I think through a better relationship with exercise and food, I’m nearly there.

So overall my skin care routine involves 4 steps-

1.) Micellar water – to remove impurities and any makeup. I love this La Roche Posay one – https://www.feelunique.com/p/La-Roche-Posay-Effaclar-Purifying-Micellar-Water-200ml IMG_4715.jpg

2.) A light toner only on my non problematic areas – Again, I love this La Roche Posay one  – https://www.feelunique.com/p/La-Roche-Posay-Effaclar-Clarifying-Lotion-200ml?q=toner%20la%20roc&q_typ=a&q_cat=product&q_dep=Skin%2CToners

3.) A clearly and light moisturizer for my problematic areas – No surprise here, this La Roche Posay one has been life changing in terms of keeping breakouts at bay and dramatically helping the area of Cystic Acne – https://www.feelunique.com/p/La-Roche-Posay-Effaclar-Duo–40mlIMG_4718

4.) A moisturizer for the rest of my face which are not as problematic – This light one from Liz Earle is gentle and soothing on combination skin and has moisturizer my skin before making without looking like a shiny sweaty mess! –https://www.feelunique.com/p/Liz-Earle-Skin-Repair-Moisturiser-NormalCombination-50ml?q=liz%20earle%20moistur&q_typ=a&q_cat=product&q_dep=Skin%2CMoisturisers

Over the years I have tried and tested many different brands natural and non-natural but by far La Roche Posay and Liz Earle are a good medium that work for me.They both help to keep the skin clear and clean but still moisturised.

I hope this may help, for when you need some clarity through the blur that is the dozens of different skin care brands out there.But if you have a consistent problem, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist as their advice may help you get to the root of the problem – I know that it certainly helped me!But at the end of the day, no one has perfect skin and everyone’s skin is different.I would love to learn more about natural skincare so if anyone has any recommendations – please send them my way!

Thank you so much for reading!

See you in the next blog post!



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