5 tips for Moving Forward and Moving On..

No matter who you are, no matter where you live there are always going to be situations where moving on is a crucial part in order to carry on with your life.In this I am simply sharing my own experience of how to move on from a person you had feelings for, or were in a relationship with.

1.) Self Care 

This is so important.Run yourself that bath, indulge in that dark chocolate or have a G&T because although these things won’t replace the feelings in your heart, they will however help it.Gradually.

A personal favourite is to listen to music or podcasts as it keeps my mind active and stops it from lingering back to old memories of the person.

2.)Surrounds yourself with the best gals and guys 

As clichéd as it sounds, having your best girls or guys by your side whether that is to simply text your frustrations to or have over for a pizza and catch up.From personal experience talking to your closet friends about your feelings and being as open and crazy as you feel at the time, is simply the best way start to wade your way through all the feelings you have had inside.

3.)Allow yourself time

Give yourself the time and space to get over whatever or whoever it is you need to get over.They may have felt the best at the time, but long-term they most likely weren’t, because if they were you wouldn’t be in this situation.

4.)Editing out 

I know.This one sounds a tad harsh but it really helps.Even if it’s only a few photos from your phone, a text message from them or even the little things that trigger a memory or your mind to jump to them.Do it, delete it.If you do it subtly, bit by bit it will get easier.I wouldn’t recommend doing it all at once, because sometimes it can make it much worse because it’s drastic, so just do it bit by bit.

5.) YOU WILL get through this – Self belief 

Trust me, you will get through this. You are enough.If they don’t want you, it’s their loss not yours.If they are other people in the picture, if you can, try not to compare yourself because as I said earlier it’s her or his loss for not treating you the way your deserve to be treated.

In terms of feelings, moving on is a tough feeling we all experience at some point in our lives.But someone once said to me ” Don’t ever change, you are great as you are” and that has really stuck with me, because not matter who you are, you are enough and are great just as your are.There are going to be times when you feel like Beyoncé and don’t give two damns but there are going to times where a song, a perfume or photo triggers what feels like a never-ending waterfall inside and out. And that is ok, it’s perfectly normal.We are all human, so surrounds yourself with your best gals/guys and family and with support we will all get through this and we will MOVE ON from them.